• A Great Start to Lifelong Learning For Every Child!
  • We help children learn and grow through play, music and creativity.

    • Before School Program

      Optional childcare is available from 7 to 9a Monday through Friday for enrolled families.

    • Preschool Program

      A variety of classroom schedules are offered for children ages 1 to 5.

    • Learning Studio Program

      Children ages 3 to 5 enjoy afternoon learning opportunities such as yoga, cooking, art, and more.

  • We Partner with Parents to Develop Children Who Are Well-Rounded

    We surround every child with support and encouragement so they can develop the skills they'll need to succeed in life.
    • Academic

      We utilize a child’s natural curiosity and love of play to foster learning and growth.

    • Social

      Children learn about friendship and teamwork through group activities.

    • Emotional

      Children are encouraged to recognize and express their feelings in healthy ways.

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  • Why Choose Circle of Friends?

    For more than 53 years, Circle of Friends Preschool has been helping children (ages 1 to 5) and their families enjoy a great start to life-long learning. Here are a just a few of the things that make our program highly effective:

    • Positive and supportive environment for your child
    • Play and hands-on learning that is fun, creative and safe
    • Daily music time led by dedicated music staff
    • Passionate co-teachers who partner with your family
    • Teacher-to-student ratios are lower than state standards
    • Flexible schedules to meet your needs
    • Learning & Fun

      We use a play-based learning model.

    • Music Program

      Every classroom is supported by a dedicated music teacher.

    • Friendly Place

      Families support one another.

    • Child Safety

      Child safety is a priority at Circle of Friends.

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  • Program Options

    Circle of Friends Preschool serves children ages 1 to 5.
    • Before Care
      7a to 9a
      • 1-5
      • Yes
    • 1-Year Olds
      9a to 11:30a
      • 8
        Max Size
      • Yes
    • 2-Year Olds
      9a to 11:30a | 9a to 1p
      • 12
        Max Size
      • Yes
    • 3-Year Olds
      9a to 1p
      • 16
        Max Size
      • Yes
    • 4 & 5-Year Olds
      9a to 1p
      • 18
        Max Size
      • Yes
    • Learning Studio
      1p to 3p
      • 3-5
      • Yes
    • Circle of Friends has been such a special place for our family. Being able to take your children somewhere and know they are loved, cared for, learning and having fun is invaluable. The staff feels like family and we are so thankful we found such a wonderful place.


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